Keep track of the most important assets of all – people. VTRACE (VisitorTrace) is a low cost, simple to use, easy to install, PC based visitor recording system. It replaces non-GDPR compliant, and outdated visitor or multi-part visitor books. A core feature is allowing an organisation to set the number of days to retain personal information – relevant to your organisation, should attendees not wish for data to be retained indefinitely.

Our digital visitor book can easily be tailored and branded to suit an organisation – to present a professional welcome to all attendees, visitors, or staff to your site. The VTRACE visitor recording system can be operated by receptionist and/or can utilise a Self-Sign-In (unmanned) kiosk option. It is a complete solution to manage all entrance/exits of Visitors and/or Staff. Ensuring constant and convenient visibility of individuals on-premises – especially in the case of an emergency. It even offers numerous methods of contactless Sign In and Sign out.

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In addition to the Windows App, there is an accompanying web portal, providing access to all organisation members via any internet connected device (e.g., Smart phone, Tablet, PC). The portal provides ‘Who’s Signed in Now’ visibility, making it easy to manage, pre-register, and invite future visitors for even quicker check-in.

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Visibility of anyone entering or leaving a premises has always been important, but never as important as today. It is vital to have a ‘real time’ view and record of visitors and/or staff. With the considerations of emergencies, security, health, and GDPR compliance.